NAVEEN woman is classy and creative, minimal and bold, free and eager to learn, constantly discovering her inner-self and surroundings. Founded in 2016, NAVEEN offers conscious fashion with respect to traditions in a contemporary way.


NAVEEN was founded in 2016 by Nazrin Agharzayeva, then IT-student at university with passion for art and everything surrounding it. This passion may be passed from her grandmother, who loved experimenting with fabrics and shapes. Desire to look through the art lens at certain aspects flowed into an idea of starting NAVEEN, which had "that moment" when Nazrin watched the "Intern" movie with Robert De Niro.


Pieces by NAVEEN are timeless, functional, practical, with touch of individualism. These trendproof pieces unite with a modern approach.


We produce garments in small, limited quantities and accept orders based on request. As you may noticed, all pieces are available for pre-order. The whole collection is presented in STOCK Fashion Showroom in Baku, Azerbaijan.


For the last 2 years, NAVEEN has been taking steps to improve the quality of craftsmanship and fabrics as well as their influence to the environment. We order limited amount of fabrics, often use deadstock fabrics which we hunt in various spots or use leftover materials from previous collections. Thus, items may be limited and sell out fast. We work based on pre-orders to avoid over-production which may damage the nature and our environment. Our tailors and garment constructors are fairly paid,and this is reflected in the prices.